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Left me in an anarchy

woman wearing fairy costume
Photo by Tú Nguyễn on Pexels.com


A butterfly I was,

flying in my own rhythm with nature;

when you came like a wind

blowing away me from my harmony

bringing in chaos to my thoughts..

you stirred away the colours of my wings;

like you were romancing with my wings..

all I could do, was stand still, as you reigned over me..

you left me, with the anarchy for a lifetime..



woman wearing fairy costume

The wake-up call


As it dawns

I open my arms to the new day blessed to me

I wish I could be born every single day

every day a new me

a brighter me

to bring in new possibilities to live

to loosen me into the world that is grinding me

I want to be the butterfly flying from one flower to the other

treasuring the honey grabbed from each flower

I want to be the wind that moves

I want to be the water that nourishes the land

the new me wanted to be an explorer

living a day fulfilling my dreams

dance like the butterflies in the garden of love

I want to be carried away in the wind to any far off places

the wanderer in me is calling me out

I wish .. I just could wander away into the mist

hiding away from everything,

yet witnessing the most tranquilizing beauty

the explorer in me is longing to be out and about

the artist in me want to paint a picture that none has ever seen

the writer in me want to pen down all the wildest imaginations

Am like the life that want to spring out of the shell

explore the opportunities around me

and be an adventurer.

The invisible hands that caught her


A sprawling layer of tea plantations around her.

All she could see through the misty surroundings was the vast stretch of tea plants spread across the land in front of her. She stood amidst it watching the fog covering the plantations and circling her. She felt lost in the mist.

It was like a soul was embracing her. A soul from an infinity carrying the fragrance of a wonderful aroma from the far end and perfumed with the spices of the south. The smell was like a drug to her, she felt she was all carried away to the west somewhere far beyond her thoughts could go.

She felt the invisible hands cuddling her and whispering in her ears. A welcome song to the enormous world of nature.She felt the need to spread her wings like the butterfly out of its cocoon and fly away.

The invisible hands held her hands high up in the air, slowly lifting it as if it was asking her to fly .. and fly away. The hands were powerful, the force was a great push, she couldn’t resist the thought.She felt like being invaded by the soul from the far west.

The winds were strong enough to wipe her off her feet and take her away. She stood there watching the marvelous mist encapsulating her body. The view became blurred as if she was blinded by the mist.

But she was enjoying the soft layered mist around her.The ambiguity and the uncertainty were having the greatest gravitational pull than the real life which she already was living. She couldn’t resist the push from the invisible hands. She knew she cannot fly, as her wings were already cut off, but the dream to be on her own was leading her.

All she wanted was to be free.

Free from all the worldly possessions, be like a butterfly fly around from one flower to another. Spreading her eye-catching beautiful wings and fluttering around the gardens of love and just love ..kissing every flower blooming in the spring, playing with kids in the garden guiding them to the enchanting nature and one day perish herself in nature.

All she wanted was to be free from all the tangles.



Ever felt the aroma of real life. Here’s the story of one such aroma.

The amazing tale of aroma that arise from the hidden ingredients of the kitchen. The smell is heavenly and will keep you floating towards the food. 

Every morning she wakes up, to the mixed aroma of the tantalizing agarbathis from the pooja room and the smell of the morning tea. The moment when the tea powder mixes with the colorless water, adding a golden tinge to it. 

The thought of the mesmerizing color makes her arise from the sleep and urge her to take a plunge into the golden brown water and dance across the cup, as if she was stirring the cup of tea, in between giving a cyclone movement to the crystals of sugar poured into the cup. 

The sugar touches her feet like snow crystals, making her sway in the cyclone created by the spoon stirring the hot cup, with the fumes of the hot cup rising and spreading its wings and flying away like a butterfly from the cocoon, spreading the joy of warmth and aroma across the rooms. 

The smell urge her to to grab the cup and plant a kiss on the lips of the tea cup. She cannot resist the feeling and she runs to take her share of love and warmth. The moment she closes her eyes and proceeds to the tip of the cup as if she is a lover planting a kiss on her love, the world pauses. 

As she takes the first sip, the warmth of the hot tea, swims down her mouth through the vocal chords to the tummy inside. The world seems to be alive again and she could hear everything around the moment the first mouthful reaches the tummy. The journey down the way for the golden brown sip is like spreading the warmth across the organs making her feel the magic of coming alive. 

It is as if she has bloomed.



We must find our way out

Past few month I have stirred up some good conversations with my fellow female friends, who are going through a situation which I had encountered quite before.

We, women, have the problem of self-pitying at times and we need to overcome that to escape from the hell we are living in. Actually, we are the real reason for the hell as well as heaven most of the time. If we let ourselves to be taken for granted we become victims.

There are many educated women around the world ,who are silently letting themselves suffer inside. I personally knew a few who are quite well educated , brought up by parents who want their daughters to be leading their professional life ,but unfortunately , they are stuck up so much in personal life that they don’t have any leads.

Women have variety options to take up as career nowadays. Thanks to the tons of firms who look to helping women work in the comfort of their home breaking all the barriers and rules of a tradiotional Indian wife. With many groups like JobsForHer , Sheroes, WomenRestart and much more coming up in the market to help  job inquisitive women it has become quite easier.

Still, even with all these, there is still around 10 percent of women who are clinging on to the comfort life and then complaining that they are being treated as slaves.It is not others duty , but it should be just our duty , to work harder to get out of the cocoon we sewed together to feel safer in the society and be the butterfly full of colors. Break the notion of being an obedient wife and be a support to your family.

Every woman must be her own ruler, and at the same time never try to rule others too. If you expect to be free, let everyone feel the same way.Always find a way out your obstacles , if you cannot then read , consult , talk or just take a walk out of your world. When I felt I was losing control of my life, I started to blog and analyzed my problems from a different perspective. Am not perfect, but am on my voyage to learn to be good in a way.

In the end, I realized that whatever others do, in the end, what matters is what you do for yourself.