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Unplug Me.

grayscale photography of woman standing on seashore
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com


Unplug me from this chaos

let me be in solitude

away from the anarchy

of the inhuman world,

a world who never

treaded on my path

as they enjoy their comfort zone

which always concealed my vision

to my solitude…

which I cherish the most…

now as I walk away into my destiny,

nothing seems to be at par…

as I am where I belong .


her tender hands touched me


The tenderness of those fingers
The soft touch of those hands
The sweet lips that implanted
many kisses on my face
the squeaky voice that whispered
“I love you”
enlightening my soul
I was enlivened by the words
her touch could do wonders to my barren mind
anger vanished
love flourished
pain vanquished
her fragrance​ kept my world perfumed
her smile infused a smile in me
she was the one I lived for
she held my hands and walked me out of all the chaos
letting the fake wall fall down
I walked away from the world I built to live in
she took me out of the fictitious world
walking beside her, the tiny hands holding me tightly
I felt for once that she was the saviour in my life
she held my hands when I felt I was loosing my mind
reviving my soul, let​ live composed.