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Loneliness- the key to your soul


The silence was filled up in the air.

She moved out of the bed, slowly floating in the darkness, her breaths were controlled.

She took each step out of the bed with caution, she freezes her anklets and her bangles, so that none make a move before she thinks. She kept a pillow beside her adorable kids to make them feel better.

Slowly moving to the quieter music of the night, where she could hear only the buzzing of vehicles from the distant roads and some honks. It was not a peaceful night, though, she could feel the breeze that was brushing her hair and the coldness under her nose.

It was the time, the time she loved being lonely her ‘me time’.

There was a time when she hated loneliness, she felt the need for some oxygen then. It was the time when she felt she was horrified by being alone and her thoughts were crumbled, diverted and she felt lost.

And now she fell in love with the loneliness, the vacant spaces never bothered her. She opened up the window, gazing the early morning sky, succumbing the freshness in the air. She wanted to be free from all the tangles, set herself ready for the whole day. She felt the breeze caressing her, comforting her as if nature was fondling her.

She let herself loose, in nature, feel the romance of nature.She gulped in a large volume of air, feeling the need to be full early morning.

The moment of silence was speaking more than words could.

She felt better, with a good conversation to her heart. She enjoyed it.

Loniless was never creepy again. She was in love with it.She wanted these quiet moments every day to feel better and stronger. The more she missed talking to herself, the more she complicated things.

There is none better than yourself to talk to at times.

love u mom

“Mom you always scold me , and not my brother, you love him more than me “

Am pretty sure , most of them who have a brother or sister must have  told this to your mom several times . Even me too…don’t know how many times but surely uncountable . As a kid,I used to get angry when my brother was given extra attention , which was just my side of view to situations.

As always I was wrong , and I realised that no mom can love their kids differently, but only equally . As a mom of two , I can understand now what it feels like when our elder kid feels ,when am loving the younger one. We moms unintentionally , make our elder ones insecure.

My lovely daughter , who is always mature enough sometimes, is behaving like a baby , just to get special attention, inspire of me explaining her that I love her as she is . And of course she will be my lil baby forever. And I found a way to make her feel comfortable , just to be with her all the time , and  involve her in everything I do, even for my second one.

Really thanks to my mom, and my wonderful friends who is always  with me when am totally lost.  

Myself and my mom had enough fights for a life time, and now she asks me ” which kid of yours do u love more? ” and the only thing I could tell her is that….” whatever it is…don’t I love u mom always” . 

And that’s the only strong belief I can keep having forever, that whatever I do, am pretty sure , that my lil ones will always love me .


A lovely morning



 My favorite time of the day is early morning , if ever I get up , early. I do know that getting up early , makes you feel fresh and the day goes good .But unfortunately ,sometimes my mind and body does not synchronize. 🙂

In my native place , I get up with my lovely mom and take a fresh bath and go to temple. When I am back from the temple , I sit on the sofa with a cup of hot tea (mmm… I just love it) and enjoy the newspaper.

Our house is in a beautiful place , its quite away from the road , but even then , sounds of vehicles on the road can be heard. In spite of all these , its quite silent. There are lot many trees small and big around the house , sometimes I do feel that, those trees obstruct the view of our house from the streets, but sometimes its quite good.

When I sit on the steps of our house , I can see the bright sun’s rays  peeping out of the leaves standing right on its way .In between those leaves , the sunlight looks like diamonds hidden under the bushes. Birds chirping around and looking out for food. 

Right in front of our house ,we have a tulsi plant ,that is considered a sacred plant. The sun’s rays falls directly on its leave , in the morning , giving it a godly look. Whenever we used to fall sick in , my grandma used to give us a medicinal tea ,which is made of this tulsi leaves and its truly worth drinking.In the dusk , we light a lamp right near the plant , its traditional .

Those lovely mornings are like dreams now, I miss them a lot.



Temples – a sacred place




Whenever am in my native place , I love to go to the temples located near by our house . Getting up early in the morning and having a fresh bath , off we , myself and my mom , go to the temple. It gives a fresh start to the day. 

We talk a lot many things and walk and I always enjoyed going around with her. She tells me all about the place , or people, or anything about her good old days . We go to four temples in the nearby areas , one where Goddess  Devi  is worshiped, then Lord Shiva, Lorn Krishna and finally Lord Ayyappa. 

There were regular people who we used to see , early in the morning , including my relatives and my mom’s teacher, friends and even my friends. Temple is  always kept neat and clean. I always loved to go to Goddess Devi ‘s temple , I always had a notion that when ever am offered white flowers after the puja , I feel that my wishes will be granted. This white flower  idea cmae to me , when I was studying in my school , where we had a story by R.K.Narayan , ‘The White Flower’ ,which speaks about a story , where the hero’s fate is decided by a flower.

The decoration in Lord Krishna , temple is always overwhelming. Whenever we enter the temple , its always a breathtaking view to see Lord Krishna’s idol , when anointed with sandal paste , and  garlands ,with all the lamps lighted . 

In lord Shiva temple , during the festival season , the place is decorated and many small shops are opened , where vendors come for selling , beautiful bangles, chains and balloons. Elephants   caparisoned and carrying multicolored umbrellas   and peacock quill decorated fans  and with thayambaka, which is worth listening to. 

I miss all these , whenever am away from my native place , the early morning  walk to the temples , is so refreshing. I always enjoyed the way , I have seen the sun rays , peeps from the roof tops of Lord Shiva temple , its like its playing hide and seek. The fresh smell of flowers , sandal wood .

The peaceful and sacred place , gives a positive energy into me , which helps me feel better and think better .Listening to the chanting mantras , feeling the earth beneath me , I feel blessed.

I never wanted to miss such fabulous views around me.