She ran to him …..


Her eyes were teary

her heart was beating faster

she was running with pain

everyone looked at her

but she ran unnoticing all the questioning eyes

she ran ferociously to that direction

the eyes following her had thousands of questions

many whispers were humming around her

yet she was least bothered

her eyes were focussed

there was no reason in her mind that could stop her

every reason she collated was forcing her to take a step forward 

she ran like an untamed animal

towards the darkness of the forest

that was where he disappeared finally

she never knew how much she loved him until it happened

the moment she realized the uncertainty of meeting him

her eyes betrayed her and tears rolled down her cheeks

As she closed her eyes, she could feel his breath closer to her face

she felt as if he was hugging her from behind

cuddling her soul

as she opened she knew what she has lost

her tears couldn’t resist, her legs never stopped

she ran as fast as she can towards infinity

the only belief she had, was that he might be waiting there for her

opening up his arms towards her

with all the love for her in his eyes

she knew he would embrace her

she long for the moment to be in his arms and kiss him all over

the moments they ever cherished when they were together

As she escaped from all the questioning eyes,

she reached the space where the stars shined above, the trees waved and the grasses paved the way

there he stood awaiting her.

Like an eagle, she soared

Bald Eagle in Flight

She had the vision of an eagle

like an eagle she soared high up yet her focus was on the land below

her ears were sharp and her senses were at its best

she could feel the wind and the danger coming to her

Like a mother bird, protecting her baby birds

she had the focus on her kids

she wished she could hold them under her wings

away from all the troubles

yet it was impossible

she need to let them go

let them fly away

Even with the fear in her heart and eyes showing it off

she left them to learn the world

with a heavy heart

she knew they would stumble upon rocks

fall and fall and get hurt too

yet they will learn to live

she let them learn, by staying far away

watching them all along, letting them explore the world around

She focussed on them, even when her presence was far beyond their notice

her love for her kids w as beyond one’s imagination

vast like the universe and deep like the ocean