Her mind is an unending wave

She is lost like a broken kite in the wind.
Her mind is in chaos…
And you do not mirror her thoughts.
Instead, you cage her thoughts.
Her vision and her dreams…
It’s hard for her to put up her wishes.
And snatch her freedom from you.
Because you cage her.
By your emotions…
Emotions she grew up watching.
Her feet crave the moist sands of the sea.
The sea which contains her pathway to freedom…
Her mind is wavering,
She puts up words and deeds, which seems unpromising.
But you never realize.
She does it like a caged bird who craves freedom.
Understanding her beyond your inhibitions is your impossibility.
She remains caged,
Until you break away your inhibitions.
To be her best friend.


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Just ached me to the chasm

Not jealous…not wishing to compete….but all i wished was a pat on my back…even when everything i did was same as the other…only she was see ..only she was heard…. only she was patted…and i was slapped for every step taken….did i do wrong…or not right enough to be appreciated…beguiled was my mind…conflicting and contemplating were the answers I heard from my inner thoughts…i controlled..it..but my eyes just filled and i couldn’t betray the tears that wanted to soak my cheeks….i let it flow down. every time i thought about the discrimination…it just ached from within….like a dagger pushed into me.
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Amidst oddities and impulses

I stood overlooking the oceans of oddities, surrounding me..and i realized how far i have come..but for nothing that is mine. I stood paused in a strange thought …what have i done to myself….am i the one who stood like Alice, before entering the hole out of curiosity…or the one who lost herself to the eccentricities of the world around. All i wanted was to be lost in the whimsical world of impulsive desires..and here i am dealing with impulsive people who meant nothing but a  perishable world.
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