Ever felt like living in a space, where you are unable to breathe?

Ever felt like living in a space, where you are unable to breathe?

Like you have been imprisoned forever in that space. You call it your home, you might be comfortable in one way, but there are constraints, you feel like your breathing with lots of obstacles.

You become much more aware and focused like a tiger waiting for the prey or a hare grazing on the grass aware of being caught and eaten up one day. It is indeed the toughest moment.

You want freedom,
you want to breathe in peacefully,
like none watching or creating rules for you.
You hold on to many things primarily because you are afraid to break the world you live in. One way you want that world, but in another way, it is a cage for you.
Do you feel it?
Sometimes, you need to choose to breathe in the freshness the world has to offer you.

Feminist Man bring up the best daughters

Series of inspiring movies…and what’s the best part of it?
Each movie speaks of brave women who have done great things. And in almost all these stories i found a great man, the father who is the backbone of every girl. Yes all these stories though depict the story of brave women, all these have in common is a feminist father or a man who stands behind her to push her to do the right thing, when everything else in the world condemns her or pushes her aside.

It is hard to find such men who actually can uphold a woman’s dream wholeheartedly. It takes great courage to be such a great man. And mostly only a father can be that man in most of the cases. For them, their daughters are great warriors. Only a father cannot see tears in the eyes of his daughter.
And truly such daughters are blessed.
But yes, we have the other worst side of the coin, wherein women are just entitled to do what the society decides. Never push your daughters into that dungeon, you are losing a real gem or a future that will make you proud.
Be that man, who supports feminism and is proud to stand beside the woman who is strong enough like you.

Like in the movie Pangaa, the lady is supported by her lil son and her husband.  When in the society it’s mostly the other way round. It is the girl who has to give up on her dreams.
For once, dream for your daughter, for your wife, for your sister, and for your mother or grandmother. They have given you enough, now give them space and opportunity to grow.

Let there be a saying ” behind every successful woman is a strong man”.

Its her share of effort- appreciate or not

A very common scenario, which even I myself had to face a couple of times.
All the more I feel people are less known about the fact that a happy home needs both the parents to be working and independent at times. Not all are born millionaires.

When people ask me what my husband does, I at times keep mum..thinking they might belittle my profession. And I am not wrong, it happens all the time.
It is either people are not aware of what our job does or they assume that we pick the job as a hobby.
If you don’t know ask or ask Google, it knows almost everything you might not know. Never belittle a lady for she does what she can to be an earning member.
At least appreciate her for the efforts for not burdening anyone.
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Beware I am ugly… The result of typecasting

We all typecast people based on appearance, status, income, jobs, and much more.
But why?
Especially when it comes to appearance, it strikes an uneven balance.
I remember the times when i was a kid, i was fairly a plump girl and being that i was always bullied all lot.
If i dont eat, i was bullied because they assumed i was showing off.
If i eat, then ..oh my god, why are you eating this much….slow down? Your age kids should eat less.

The next thing was my rabbit teeth. The moment i smile, i was told i look ugly..shut your mouth and just smile without showing your teeth.

Don’t wear tight clothes, you look horrible, wear loose and long ones so that your butt is hidden.
Also, they blamed me not wearing traditional wear, in my school farewell, when all the time they were bullying me for being fat.

My confused mind didn’t know what to follow.
I went on eating… without any guilt until i realized, i should take care of myself rather than listening to these bull shit around me.

Let me be ugly or beautiful, people never accepted me as who i am.

There was a time when i bothered it a lot. But now i care a little.

Dont go with appearance, we are not born to impress everyone.
And we are not instant noodles to become thin or beautiful instantly. Take care of your self, irrespective of what that idiota around you say.
Be who you are. Be proud of being you.
#sreepriyawrites #typecasting #beyourself #loveyourself

Her D-Day

It was her D – day.
She was embellished in the best of best.
Her smile fascinating everyone around her.
She stood taking her vows for a happy life ahead.
Determined to sacrifice her joy of being at home.
For being just her…
As ..now onwards she will be tagged with a name..not the one with which she was born with.
But then…
Everything changed.
Her hopes and dreams were thrashed…
All they wanted to be was what came along with her…
The ones she believed blindly …becoming family..never even wanted her…but all the earthly pleasures she could bring in…
She was shattered…but never allowed to express it…
She lost everything.
Even her home…
She has pushed away, from everything she loved…
Even when she was silently suffering.
She remained silent, sleeping dead ….days after she became the gorgeous bride…
Her D-day devastated her life.
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