In the blink of an eye….

woman and man standing

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With you,

every blink of an eye is more like a thousand years.

every blink of an eye is a wish with you.

be with me,

as you bring me joy, uncountable with my eyes open..

you take me to an ecstasy ride,

which is strange to me, every day…

the way you delve into me,

the eyes magnetize my lips closer to yours..

at a slow pace, you evade into me and my thoughts

unblemished smile of your soul excites me

when you wait, for my consent to conquer me…

When I already surrendered to you knowingly.

I slowly run my fingers , over you…

finding my treasure to engulf it..

as you trickle down my skin…

even in the darkness, your eyes are brighter than the fireflies

lighting up my soul …

and I smile ..

amidst the rhythm of our souls’ friction against each other

until the fire broke off...








You are my Strength

I wish the time froze

The moment I am with you

I may sound greedy, yet those are my unspoken desires

a desire, I wish to live in

every way I look at you

all you can see is the passion lit up in me

I am glad that you crossed my mind 

yet never crossed the boundary  of it 

you stayed in my heart, letting it live and acknowledge your presence in it

let us fill the world with the aroma and the fragrance of our love

you became the strength in me as I became the weakness in you

You are the addiction that I do not want to get rid off.