I am just “ME”, when I am with you.

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Giving away the right pieces of me

to the wrong ones,

I am tired of it

nothing I received other than hurt and judgment

as you came to me

I had nothing but bits of me here and there

as you took each piece of me

it was hurting you and me

yet, as you touched every piece

aligning it all, even when mismatched

it became a broken me

but plastered well with your soul

the world never saw the broken me

even my tears fed your soul

keeping me alive like never before

I never knew what to do

as I never knew how to love you

but yet,

I loved you more than yesterday and much more than today.


A reflection of me



A reflection of me

sunken eyes

wounded soul

the scars speaks words unheard by others

felt like I was stripped

in front of the mirror

the real me wanted to run away

burn into ashes and rise like the phoenix

I smoked like a chimney

burning with the desire to be free

yet passers-by left me unnoticed

the more I burned, the more neglected I was

the change in me was never noticed

my paths shifted

I detoured to reach my destination

the unsettled emotions in my soul

left me astray

I stood still watching the distress that was building up

I was shaken by the thoughts that were clouding my mind

I decided not to worry,

as worrying was never an answer to my journey ahead

I never invited the problems into my life

I shook away the fear,grabed out the heart in me

decided to walk away from the pain

I did the best I can and moved on.



Am I afraid of the dark ?



Dark clouds are gathering

Is it frightening me?

No, it is not the darkness that frightens me

For me, darkness is my friend

it knows me and my deepest secrets

it shadows my worst nightmares and my sorrows

as it begins to dawn, the whole light brings a glare in my eyes

overshadowing the real me and others

darkness brings out the real people

the rain wipes out the fakeness and the original self is portrayed in my mind

I stood there sighing in front of the dark clouds

when it started to shower the bliss of rain

quenching the thirst of every living thing on the surface of the earth

there I stood soaked in the gush of water from the clouds

the rain make me fresh and pure

brushing me up like a pure droplet in the first mist.

As he came closer to me….


Drizzling of the rain

made music to my ears

yet my heart longed for another one

the beats of the heart that loved me

waiting near the door, all my ears counted was the footsteps

the heart could see, which the eyes cannot

my hair was flowing in the tantalizing wind

as he neared me, my throat was dried up

I lay there on the bed over looking the door that slowly moved away

he let himself into the room

he slowly slid himself into the blankets

caressing my hands and neck

he approached my face

slowly I could feel his breath over me

the warmness was beyond words

my heart beat raised above normal

he held my hands so that I don’t move

as he was hovering over my face as he whispered in my ears


Suddenly I woke up from my dreams

wishing it was all real

it was my dreams

the dreams that brought him near me

I knew I missed him

the longing was more than I could bear

Still, I waited for the moment to be in his arms

when I knew he would lift me up in his arms

and dance like never before

among the moon and stars.

My reflection in the mirror


Evil in me opened up

as I looked at the mirror

it was just a reflection of me in the mirror

but was it just me?

no, it wasn’t me

It was a wild woman in disguise

I was not the one in the mirror

I knew I was never beautiful and attractive like the one in the mirror

the woman in the mirror had the enchanting eyes

she could seduce anyone

It wasn’t me

where am I hidden in the mirror

I checked twice

but to my surprise

I could never find myself

the old me, who was hidden underneath the clean image

the reflection in the mirror was a woman who was like a vixen

who was killing the soul in me

the real me want to run and escape but it was near impossible

but the wild soul in her had thousands of wounds to hide

none in the world has seen her tears and her agony

it was me, who knew it

I knew the reasons for her to be what she has become now

she became the rock, that never gathered any lichen

the wildness in her was seen in the eyes

even if I tried to die down the fire, it never let go

the fire could burn thousands yet she remained silent

her silence was the smile she wore on her lips

she could fight a war all alone, as the fighter in her could survive

I kneeled down but she stood right across me

and pulled me up and let me hold my head high up

to never let me fail

she gathered my courage and together we walked away into the world.