You hold me, so that I do not fall off half way…

You carved me, making me who I am now

with you, I feel being loved and blessed

With you, I transform into someone

more powerful, more loving 

Everything has changed around me 

but I felt I have become more like I ever wanted to be

You convince me, on everything with a smile and a hug

You are the blessing in my life

The moment you arrived in my life, 

Life gave me plenty of reasons to smile

Even when am in distress, your mere presence

lets me shed my pain that I carry in my heart

You transformed me to be your MOM

From a girl to a mom, it was a journey of a lifetime

I enjoy every moment of my life I share with you

We shared the ups and downs of my moods and health

But you held me close with those tender fingers

Holding me tightly close to you, so that I don’t fall off half the way.




The angel in my LIfe

A cuddling feel

The soft touch of your hands holding mine

evoking thousands of memories

The best hug I could get 

The best touch that can bring me alive

beside you, I want  to live forever

your smile is the best medicine

your words are my lessons

I cannot bear the pain of anyone hurting you

you are my world always 

you are my inner strength 

you behold my life 

I may not remember the first feel of being in your arms

but I remember the time I first saw the angel of my life

the one whom I wanna live forever with

there is no better place than your arms in the world

The peaceful sleep you bestow in there 

Nothing can replace the joy I receive from you

~~~~ Dedicated my loving mom. 

Build memories with mommy

Let us build memories

memories of your childhood 

the memories that lay the foundation of my love for you

I want to be the one you wake up in the early mornings

I want to be the one that you want to cuddle into when you are scared 

or even want slip into the deep sleep

let me cuddle you with all my love

let me be a part of your story that is irreplaceable

let me kiss away your pain when you cry 

rest your head on my chest, let me suck away all your pain

you are the born out of me 

a piece of me that even being cut away I cannot live with

O my child, you are the one I treasure always.


I fight with you, yet I love you mom


You were the angel who cared me

Your hands protected me

Your love sheltered me

your anger was the love for me

I knew you loved me

yet I fought with you

I knew what a mother’s love was

when I was blessed like you

I knew what is to love equally, not more and not less

I realised how can someone love so selflessly

I realised how can one stay all night awake

I realised how to love unconditionally

I realised how to give away without expecting anything return

I loved you more when ever I loved my kids

I treasure you the most in my life

You are my world

You are the one who made me who I am

I love you the most Mum

I love you as you irreplaceable

Happy Mother’s day Mom.