A pinch of you is all I need

Every day is monotonous

the same piece of my life keeps bragging

only the difference is my joy in those eyes

the love keeps multiplying the moment I see them

Even the world seemed to witness me the same way

everyday  brightens with the same sun 

nothing is changing other than ages and nature

the world around me is getting busier

I wander around to find peace

the peace which I can shower on my family

the needs that I am accustomed to meeting

my drowsy eyes makes the bed inviting

yet sleep is not that I always require

All I need is a pinch of care 

the care that a mother can give

every inch of me wants to be a child again

to forget myself in the lap of the angel who carried me for months

the angel who carried me for months in her womb

the angel who invariably takes care of me every second even from far

the hands I can reach any moment I need 

the hands that will be on my shoulder, when am in distress

the only one who believes me for what I am

the one who will never take me for granted

The home that I wish to return, to feel protected

— MOM – you are the one I need forever