Last piece of hope


I sat in dismay

wondering what made me fail

the failure hit my heart like a bomb

destroying the peacefulness in my life

everything shattered into pieces

which I tried to pick and join

yet everything mismatched

the whole things seemed misplaced

thinking deeply I found what ruined me

trust played a vital role in breaking myself

yet courage was my power to rise

I decided to hold on to the last piece of hope

that shined across, to climb up the hole

the deep hole where I fell into following the unknown

the known played with my heart

molded into something I never ever imagined

the scars became the chains to bound my heart

to never follow the unknown

I learned that life wasn’t easier

yet I created a new me to follow my passion.

the passion that led me to my success

the new life I drew for myself was my dreamland

the land that flourished my dreams.

my soul got its wings to fly into the world of me.

The warrior in me


I want to be a warrior

warrior to achieve my dreams

I don’t want to be locked up

I never wanted to give up my dreams

I want to fly away and enjoy the bliss of freedom


I do not know, where am now

Am I living or dead?

I asked myself several times

Yet, my soul left me unanswered

my questions were silenced by responsibilities

my dreams were shattered in the burden of obligations

I felt I lost the charm to living and brighten up my life


a day came when a soul awakened me from the darkness

I could see the dark clouds shatter away

the bright sunshine was filling in me

the new me was reborn

I reconstructed my dreams on the slightest thread I got

and here am, dancing along the thread to the horizon

the path is narrow and complicated

yet my vision never faded

it got clearer as I was approaching

waiting to grab my wings to fly away

yet ..

one day I would return, as I cannot run away from my incubus

yet the path I chose is letting me live to the fullest

miracles help me work on my predicaments

fight my way through to my accomplishments

escaping myself from the narrowmindedness and shallowness

to the brighter cognizance

The world for better me.

To the stranger….


He was a stranger to her

But he had the power to keep her

He knew she was a mystery to others

He wanted to dig into her

let her spell out all secrets

not to hurt her

but to be with her

each time he tried to talk to her

she pushed him away

she was scared of any bonding

he knew she wanted to be a free soul

unbound to the earth, like migratory birds

she wanted to be a wild nomadic soul

parting her ways from everything she loved

he knew she was like ice that was hard to eyes

but will melt away in the heat of his love

she looked messy or pretended to be complicated

he knew she was like the flower that craved for the right nurturing

he knew to tame her and love her

he was negligible to her heart

she slowly trusted him

she began giving up her stubbornness

still holding back things to herself

smiling yet wondering what was happening

he being strangely causing a stir in her heart

she fell out into the whirlpool of conversations

falling into an infinity

a relation which was not defined by words

he held her carefully

her fiddling hands were like a fish out of a water

she never knew why she want to leave her comfort

he held her close to his heart, giving her the pinch of life she needed

his scrutinized her soul, trying to make a deep connection …

she resisted till she could and then let herself loosened

to fit him in..her forever.