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Warmth that soaks

photo of flames
Photo by Dương Nhân on Pexels.com


Do you know warmth means to me?

It is the warmth the snow gives to the land it covers..

the shade that a tree gives the grass..

the hush of breathing,

that falls on my skin

the triggers from your fingers..

that just sway on my skin..

when in proximity..

it is that warmth,

that my soul craves for…

that only your arms could bestow..

the warmth which your lips

peck my forehead …

pause my heart, engulfing my thoughts

that just leaves me dripping wet…

the warmth that drenches me..

here I wait, for you…..



Oddities in love

man kissing woman on neck near swimming pool
Photo by Natthanon Kongyam on Pexels.com

Grabbing me like a flower in your hand,

we dance around on the sheets,

fading away in the lights at times

shadowing my skin at times,

and enticing my fire beneath..

I wanna roll down into the thin sheets,

that mirror my naked skin,

invigorating your taste buds,

to feel the taste of me

together we brew the best of fantasies

that define our signature eccentricities

which lit us on fire,

as we love to wither together

under the rain, we bring in.


Unknown edges collide…

silhouette photography of man and woman
Photo by Gabriel Bastelli on Pexels.com

Boundless joy

I cherish

the moment I am with you…

Until you arrived

life was monotonous to my soul

you came like a glitter

that let me sparkle forever…

even when I burn,

it was under the heat you shower on me

even the coldest winter

made me sweat

when I am lost in you

discovering the unknown edges of you.




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I fell in love

As my words never stumbled, when you heard them

I fell in love

As you never interrupted me, when I speak them

I fell in love

As you only interrupted me, with a kiss

I fell in love

As it was you, I was just myself.

numerous reason, flash by my thoughts, yet it was just not that

made me fall in love with you

every other second ticked by,

you fondled my scars, my unshaped curves

yet you loved me,

your eyes, contemplated at me

as if I was a prize to be cherished.

you make feel like I always wished for.





Wilderness to be savoured

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As my eyes look at you

I feel like looking at myself

a reflection of me

exist in you

as I look at you

I forget the world around me

all I need are those warm hugs

that excites me to the core

when I look at you

I feel like the world ceased for me

to be just yours,

as I see only you

blindfolded away from the outside world

only your voice reverberates in my ears

am I crazy, or it’s just the wilderness in me

craving to be savoured by you.